Bamboa Tapis de Yoga Mousse Rose 6mm

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Commitment to excellence and innovation, we help our community achieve their full potential.

The perfect thickness

Our yoga mats are tested by professionals. The 6mm thickness will give you the best stability for every yoga exercise.


All you need to know

Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Bamboa Foam Yoga Mats

Introducing Bamboa Foam Yoga Mats, designed to elevate your practice and provide unmatched comfort and support. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we invite you to discover the perfect yoga mat that will enhance your exercises and empower you to achieve optimal performance. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and transformation with Bamboa.

Unleash Your Potential with Extra Thick Luxury

Our Bamboa Yoga Mats are crafted with your utmost comfort in mind. Featuring an extra-thick design of 6mm, these mats provide a luxurious cushioning that supports your body during intense yoga and fitness exercises. Experience the difference as you move through your practice, feeling the superior comfort and stability that our mats offer.

Unparalleled Grip for Perfect Performance

A good grip is essential for every yogi, and our Bamboa Yoga Mats deliver just that. With a surface that offers exceptional traction, these mats ensure that you maintain stability and perform your exercises optimally. Say goodbye to slipping and hello to improved balance as you delve deeper into your yoga journey.

Versatility for Any Fitness Activity

Bamboa Yoga Mats are not limited to just yoga; they are versatile companions for various fitness activities. Whether you practice yoga, pilates, meditation, or engage in targeted exercises for your abs, legs, arms, or back, our mats provide the necessary support and stability to enhance your performance. Embrace the flexibility of our mats and elevate your entire fitness routine.

Express Your Style with Vibrant Colors

We understand that style is an integral part of your yoga practice. That's why our Bamboa Yoga Mats come in a variety of colors, allowing you to express your unique personality. Choose from elegant pink, sleek black, or vibrant blue, and embark on your yoga journey in style. Additionally, our mats feature different colors on each side, providing you with even more options to suit your mood and preference.

Unrivaled Quality for an Exceptional Experience

At Bamboa, we prioritize quality above all else. Our Yoga Mats are meticulously crafted using top-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. As soon as you step onto our mats, you will feel the difference. They offer optimal support, grip, and cushioning, enabling you to perform any pose with ease and comfort. Our commitment to quality ensures that your yoga practice is not only enjoyable but also beneficial to your overall well-being.

Designed with Your Safety in Mind

Stability and grip are paramount in achieving proper alignment and executing your poses flawlessly. That's why our mats are equipped with a safe anti-slip layer. This ensures that your hands and feet have the necessary traction to stay stable throughout your practice. Additionally, the coarse texture on the underside of our mats enhances grip on all surfaces, providing you with a secure foundation for your yoga journey.

Skin-Friendly and Allergy-Free

We care about your well-being and strive to create products that are safe for everyone. Our Bamboa Yoga Mats are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which is known for its softness, suppleness, and firmness. If you have allergies to rubber, latex, or PVC, rest assured that our mats are hypoallergenic and suitable for use without any concerns.

Order Your Yoga Mat Today

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Product specification

Get to know more about our Bamboa Tapis de Yoga Mousse Rose 6mm.






183.0 x 0.6 x 61.0 cm (L x H x B)


1 Yogamat + 1 Carry strap

Weight single mat

800 gram


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