Bamboa Set de blocs de yoga en liège

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Unleash the power of nature and elevate your yoga practice with the Bamboa Cork Yoga Blocks Set. Crafted with utmost care and dedication, these blocks are made from 100% Portugese Cork, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and our new brand vision. Embrace the transformative potential of this eco-friendly and vegan product that embodies the essence of Bamboa.

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100% Portugese Cork

Only the best selected cork is used for our cork yoga blocks


All you need to know

Versatility and Support

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the Bamboa Cork Yoga Blocks Set offers versatile support for a wide range of yoga and Pilates exercises. From Trikonasana to Chakrasana, these blocks are designed to enhance your practice, providing stability and alignment as you explore new dimensions of your body and mind.

Safe, Lightweight, and Durable

Experience the perfect blend of safety and comfort with our Cork Yoga Blocks. The lightweight nature of cork makes them easy to handle, while their non-slip surface ensures stability and prevents slippage during your practice. Rest assured that these blocks are built to withstand the test of time, accommodating practitioners of all body weights with unwavering robustness.

Eco-Friendly Cork vs. EVA Foam

Choose a sustainable alternative that honors the environment. Unlike EVA foam, our cork blocks are crafted from a renewable resource that doesn't compromise on durability or performance. By opting for the Bamboa Cork Yoga Blocks Set, you actively contribute to the preservation of nature, aligning with our belief in the harmony between yoga and the world we inhabit.

Practicality and Portability

Our Yoga Blocks Set is designed for your convenience. Easy to clean with just a damp cloth, these blocks are low maintenance and can be effortlessly stored in any space. Whether you're practicing at home, in a studio, or on the go, these blocks serve as your loyal companion, ensuring consistent support wherever your yoga journey takes you.

#Yoga: Embracing the Union of Body and Nature

At Bamboa, we recognize the deep connection between yoga and nature. Yoga is not just a practice; it is an integration of body, mind, and soul, aligning us with the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire, and air. As guardians of this planet, we hold the responsibility to honor and protect the environment that nurtures us.

Environmentally Friendly Cork Yoga Blocks Set

In our pursuit of honoring the unity between yoga and nature, the Bamboa Cork Yoga Blocks Set emerges as a symbol of our commitment. Made from 100% natural cork, a renewable resource, our blocks exemplify the harmony between functionality and sustainability. Harvested with great care, cork allows us to create yoga accessories and sports equipment that are both durable and gentle on the Earth.

The advantages of cork extend beyond its ecological footprint. It is odorless, providing a pleasant and inviting surface for your practice, and its warmth embraces your touch, creating a soothing environment. The yoga blocks' dimensions of 22.7 x 12 x 7.5 cm offer the perfect size for stability and support. Additionally, our yoga belt, made from 100% cotton and easily adjustable with its metal ring, enhances flexibility, balance, and strength while facilitating stretching.

The Bamboa Cork Yoga Blocks Set is suitable for various yoga styles, including Iyengar, Vini, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga. With its lightweight design, this set becomes your indispensable companion, allowing you to practice yoga wherever your heart desires. Experience the transformative power of our yoga set, a true embodiment of our new brand, Bamboa.


Product specification

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22.7 x 12.0 x 7.5 cm (L x H x B)


2 cork yoga blocks + 1 yogastrap

Weight single block

455 gram


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